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Technical Material

Integrated Sovereign Risk Management in the Caribbean Project - Brochure

Launched at the CDB Board of Governance Meeting in 2017, the Integrated Sovereign Risk Management Project will enable the development of a standardized integrated risk management framework for use by all Caribbean countries and will advance the institutionalization of country risk coordinators within countries who would act as a central point of contact for the purposes of managing a comprehensive multi-area risk portfolio.

The CCRIF Excess Rainfall (XSR) Model

Caribbean and Central American countries face a number of primary natural hazard risks, particularly earthquake and hurricane risks. Secondary risks such as those from flooding and landslides, storm surge and wave impacts, and tsunamis also pose significant threat. Additionally, these countries are frequently affected by extreme precipitation events that are often, but not always, induced by tropical cyclones.

El modelo de Exceso de Lluvia (XSR) del CCRIF

Los países del Caribe y de América Central enfrentan riesgos debidos a varias amenazas naturales primarias, particularmente huracanes y sismos. Algunas amenazas secundarias, como inundaciones y deslizamientos de tierra, marea de tormenta y oleaje extremo, así como tsunamis, también constituyen peligros considerables.

Understanding CCRIF - A Collection of Questions and Answers - Revised February 2016

This book provides a collection of questions and answers that provide a comprehensive overview of CCRIF and its products and services as well as its role within the wider context of disaster risk management.

Comprendiendo al CCRIF - Compendio de Preguntas y Respuestas - Revisión febrero del 2016

El presente libro contiene preguntas y respuestas que ofrecen una visión exhaustiva del CCRIF, de sus productos y servicios y del papel que juega en el amplio contexto de la gestión de riesgos de desastres.


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