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Technical Material

Applying for a CCRIF SPC Small Grant: Application & Project Proposal Writing Guidelines

This document is a “toolkit” designed for NGOs and CBOs to enable them to prepare and submit project proposals to the CCRIF Small Grants Programme. This programme provides grants between US$5,000 and US$25,000 to NGOs CBOs and academic institutions to implement community-based disaster risk reduction projects.

Policy Brief - Linking Social Protection with Climate Resilience & Adaptation

An Example of how Weather-based Sovereign Risk Insurance and Microinsurance can Contribute to Effective Social Protection

CCRIF SPC Support for Disaster Risk Management in the Caribbean Region

This publication highlights CCRIF’s support to its members and the people of the Caribbean for disaster risk management through its Technical Assistance Programme.

CCRIF SPC Technical Workshop Manual - Barbados - March 2019

In undertaking the development of the CCRIF parametric insurance coverage, significant investment has gone into developing the underlying catastrophe models. Catastrophe models are essential tools in assessing the risk associated with catastrophe events. The CCRIF model is based on robust datasets all developed within the context of the particular hazards of relevance to the client countries.

Integrated Sovereign Risk Management in the Caribbean Project - Brochure

Launched at the CDB Board of Governance Meeting in 2017, the Integrated Sovereign Risk Management Project will enable the development of a standardized integrated risk management framework for use by all Caribbean countries and will advance the institutionalization of country risk coordinators within countries who would act as a central point of contact for the purposes of managing a comprehensive multi-area risk portfolio.


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